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    Massage for Health!

    Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine (480BC) claimed that lives were prolonged through the application of therapeutic touch. Discover the benefits for yourself!

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    Discover the Benefits of Massage!

    Massage is an effective treatment for the relief of pain and restriction of movement, whether the result of recent injury or longer term chronic pain.

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    Sports Massage

    Do you train regularly? Help prevent common injuries and promote efficient recovery from injury. Max your sporting performance!

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    Remedial Massage

    Addresses the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, promoting a return to health and normal function.

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    Kinesio-taping available

    Not just for elite athletes! This brightly coloured tape is effective in treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Really great for helping promote faster healing from acute soft tissue injuries.

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    Dry Needling

    Dry Needling is a neuromuscular treatment technique, which uses acupuncture needles with the goal of restoring pain free, optimal movement.

'Effective, results focused treatment based on thorough knowledge'

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What conditions can
you treat?

Massage can be a very effective treatment for the pain and discomfort caused by a number of musculoskeletal conditions such as neck, shoulder, lower back pain, sciatica, migraines, muscular tension and restriction of movement. Move Better, Feel Better!

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Book Your Treatment

Discover the Health Benefits of Massage! Treatment available at two locations, South Kensington or Chiswick. Daytime or evening appointments available to suit your schedule.

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Give the Gift
everyone will love!

The perfect gift for him or her for any occasion. Great for those who need a bit of 'me time' from hectic everyday life or for the weekend warrior or athlete in your life. Available in a range of values to suit your needs.

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What do other people say?

"I was having difficulties running due to pain in my neck and back. Maria did a fantastic job of analysing the underlying issues causing the pain and tailoring the massages to solve them. Cannot recommend highly enough." Dr. Catherine Mulligan

“Maria is fantastic - as a climber I often get muscle pains, especially in the upper body, and Maria has never failed to cure these. She is very skilled and the massage is different every time, based on treatment needs. Highly recommended!” Kerttu Inkeronian

“Maria has helped me with rowing related aches and pains on numerous occasions - I would recommend her massages, and have done many times!” Ellie Fielding

“I had written off my right shoulder after previous therapists said I'd need cortisone injections but after a handful of dry needle sessions with Maria I had regained 80% of the previous mobility... absolute miracle worker” Dr. Mike Weston

"Maria is an excellent and skilled sports masseur. I consulted her for a problem with my back as I had pain and limited mobility, after a few treatments I had increased movement and a lot less pain!" Jenny Newhouse