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Your treatment will be as individual as you are! Your first session will start with a consultation to understand your medical history and what you are looking to achieve. Treatment is focused on providing the best therapy; using a variety of treatment techniques with the goal of promoting physical, physiological and psychological wellbeing, sports performance and injury rehabilitation.

Treatments available;

massage treatment


Massage therapy is an effective, drug free, treatment for the relief of pain and movement restriction resulting from many conditions, whether it is the result of recent injury, overuse or a longer term chronic condition. Regular massage treatment is recommended to protect against the detrimental effects of physical and mental stress, providing multiple health benefits!

  1. Eases muscular tension & pain
  2. Improves flexibility for efficient movement
  3. Promotes relaxation and wellbeing
  4. Helps prevent injury by maintaining soft tissues in optimal condition
  5. Supports & promotes rehabilitation from injury & chronic pain conditions
  6. Stress Management – countering the detrimental physiological effects of stress on the body, promoting reduced stress and anxiety levels