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In recent years, since the 2008 Olympics, Kinesio Tex tape, the brightly coloured therapeutic tape has gained increasing popularity, almost being synonymous with elite level athletes.

Whilst there has been much debate and discussion about it’s efficacy, many therapists, including those who treat elite level athletes, continue to consider Kinesio-Tex tape a key part of their treatment toolbox.

So what is it used for? The tape can be applied in a number of different ways, I have found it particularly helpful for the following treatment scenarios.

kinesiotape beach volleyball

  • Acute Injury Management Promotes pain relief & faster healing and tissue repair via improved lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes balanced muscular function – Inhibition for tight, tense muscles and facilitation for weak muscles
  • Improved biomechanical stability – Joint function enhanced through tendon and ligament balance – providing enhanced sensory input to central nervous system (mechanical feedback)

If appropriate, Kinesio-Tape would be applied following assesment and treatment.

There is an additional charge of £5 per tape application.