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I contacted Maria for treatment in the run-up to the Amsterdam half marathon last year as a niggle with my calf and Achilles tendon had become problematic. Maria was really helpful, advising me on my training and rehab. Her treatment worked wonders and I was able to not only run the half-marathon but also in a new PB time! Highly recommended!

Jo Jennings, Olympian high jump medallist

Maria is fantastic – as a climber I often get muscle pains, especially in the upper body, and Maria has never failed to cure these. She is very skilled and the massage is different every time, based on treatment needs. Highly recommended!

Kerttu Inkeronian

Maria is wonderful, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Just the right person to sort your back out.

Cinzia Campigiotto

Maria works wonders on my back! Her treatments are a great relief to everyday life and training pains

Barbara Hollinger

Maria is an excellent and skilled sports masseur. I consulted her for a problem with my back as I had pain and limited mobility, after a few treatments I had increased movement and a lot less pain!

Jenny Newhouse

“Maria’s massage treatment has definitely eased the minor back injury I had. She also provides you with tips on how to keep well and prevent future injuries. I think that for anyone who spends more than 6 hours a day sitting on a chair, massage is great way to rehab injury, keep healthy and avoid future back pains or similar injuries.

Franito Sturm

I swim three times a week and get sometimes back or neck pain. I found the remedial massage extremely efficient as it allowed me to continue swimming in the same frequency, significantly reducing my back pain

Dr. Jacques Behmoaras

About six weeks before my first marathon attempt (London Marathon), one of my hamstrings tore in my right leg during training. I was very concerned that I would be unable to take part in the marathon, and with nearly six months of training completed, this was a huge disappointment. I enrolled with Maria where I work to try to rescue the situation, and we embarked on a programme of sports massage every week until the marathon itself. The great thing was that once she had assessed the situation, she was able to allay my fears that I would not be able to run. Maria also gave me advice regarding my training to prevent further injury, and allow recovery. I successfully ran the London Marathon comfortably under four hours, and I am very grateful for the help she was able to give me at a critical time. I can thoroughly recommend Maria!

David Cottam

I have been carrying my stress in my neck and shoulders for years, and I always found that a standard massage although relaxing, didn’t do much to really help the problem. Then a colleague recommended Maria, and I have never looked back! She’s friendly, knowledgeable and she knows exactly how to give targeted relief to the areas that need it most. Not only that, but she helps you to assess what is causing the problem, and how to solve it. Maria is the cure for the pains of a “dangerous” desk job.

Jackie Twitchett

I found your massage thorough and it really reached the parts other massage therapists do not (from previous experience) a totally professional and personal service, thank you’
“Having regular therapy has made a huge positive difference in reducing acute exacerbations of a recurring injury I had.

Vicky Carling-Roberts

As a “not very serious” rower I was training between 8 and 10 sessions per week in preparation for the Henley Royal Regatta. During the regatta season and as Henley approached my weekly treatment with Maria was a vital part of my training week, helping to remedy the accumulated aches and pains and ensure any potential niggles were ironed out early. Maria was able to tailor the treatments to suit my training week and also helped with the pre-race preparations. I have already given Maria’s details to several crew mates and would happily recommend her to anyone who is taking part in regular sport.

Rory, Sons of the Thames Rowing Club

I had written off my right shoulder after previous therapists said I’d need cortisone injections but after a handful of dry needle sessions with Maria I had regained 80% of the previous mobility… absolute miracle worker

Dr. Mike Weston

Maria is an accomplished therapist, not only conscientious but also pleasant. She treated my chronic shoulder pain in a way that not only eased it but dealt with its cause.

Lina Tayara

I was having difficulties running due to pain in my neck and back. Maria did a fantastic job of analysing the underlying issues causing the pain and tailoring the massages to solve them. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Catherine Mulligan